Top 10 foods around the world that are worth to eat

Top 10 foods around the world that are worth to eat

We all would love to travel and eat. One of the greatest things about traveling is to experience exciting food choices. Every country has its own traditional and list of unique foods. Some foods set a benchmark for a specific country. Further, we will mention the top 10 foods that are popular and sets some standards globally.

1. Masala Dosa:

It is a form of crispy and crepe rice with a mix of spicy potatoes. The crepe can be dipped in pickles, coconut chutney, and lentil-based sauces. It is a popular and fantastic breakfast food that is probably famous in the Indian tradition.

2. Seafood Paella:

Mostly seafood popular in cold regions. But lobster, shrimp, cuttlefish, and mussels can combine with various herbs and rice to make a Valencia dish. It is going to be a great lunch for you to turn out your holiday mode.

3. Poutine:

It is a combination of French fries with the addition of smothered cheese curds. Well! It may look like a mess, but the saucy, fried potatoes with cheese can fill anyone’s mouth. It is popular in Canada, where nightriders want to enjoy their midnight times with their buddies.

4. Buttered toast with Marmite:

It is an assumption that anything that is made in butter tastes great. However, the great thing to know about buttered toast is that it is made with tangy, sour, and extracted yeast of grilled bread. For adding extra taste, you can add a layer of marmalade.

5. Chicken parm:

Chicken fillets can be served with mozzarella cheese and melted parmesan. It is a great mix of peppery, tomato sauce, and garlic drizzled the sauce on the chicken fillet’s top. It is basically an Italian dish that is served with roasted potatoes.

6. Pepperoni:

A traditional pepperoni is a form of dry sausage that is air-dried and smoked. It can be sometimes cooked with roasted potatoes. It is usually made from beef, pork, and a combination of both to add a traditional feel. The type of American sausage is soft and provides a smoky flavor due to paprika pepper.

7. Soufflés:

It is one of the popular and trendy French desserts available everywhere. Soufflés can be served as a French dessert, or it can be made with a little savory taste. But mostly it is served with ice-creams of fruits as a dessert.

8. Tortas:

Tortas basically come from Mexican. It is a traditional yet luscious sandwiched that is filled with authentic Mexican ingredients and delicious carbs. It is a unique food creation that is served in a roll of bread.

9. Ravioli:

If you like sugar, at that point, Italy is your best culinary companion. Most cafés put effort into making it taste unique because it adds up with various carbs, herbs, and seafood. All things considered, Sorento hit the spot as the best Ravioli on the planet up until now.

10. Feijoada:

It is mostly presented with a Caipirinha. Normally people like to eat it with destroyed kale or collard greens, steamed rice, and an orange sauce. Some people add a customary dish, which is a rich banquet of meats and beans. They altogether cooked gradually in a tasty stock.

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