Understanding the Link Between your Spirituality and Health

Understanding the Link Between your Spirituality and Health

Whether you realize it or not, the soul, body and the mind are all connected. They work together perfectly according to the design of the Divine. Scientists and doctors once avoided the connection of the study of spirituality to medicine, but more recent findings have actually made some to take a second look.

Research shows that faith and religion can help promote good health through:

  • enhancing coping skills through the power of prayer and a philosophy that everything has a purpose
  • providing additional social groups, like religious outreach groups

Adhering to certain spiritual traditions may bring indirect health benefits because a lot of traditions have rules about avoiding any unhealthy behavior and treating the body with respect and kindness. Studies show that perhaps, due to these tenets, those who have faith traditions or a religion are less likely to commit a crime, drink or smoke or become part of any violent activity. They are also more likely to engage in some preventative habits, such as taking vitamins and wearing seatbelts.

Spiritual Strength Can Help People Overcome Difficulties

Some people are able to overcome trauma, like imprisonment, war, abuse and abduction by seeking comfort in religion or spirituality. Often, spiritual people are able to find ways to live a meaningful life and meet the challenges they face. Once they fall, they are more likely to bounce back and continue on than others.

Those with a strong spiritual outlook can find meaning in the difficult circumstances in their lives. Some who were able to overcome the most difficult stage of their life credit their ability to carry on with their life to their dedication to spirituality.

There’s a growing body of evidence that indicates that spiritual practices are linked with better wellbeing and health for a lot of reasons, such as:

Medicationthis spiritual practice has been used by medical practitioners to induce a person’s feelings of calmness. Those who engage in this practice are able to clear their mind and improve attention and concentration. In fact, Richard Davidson, a brain researcher has conducted a research where he found that medication can increase the gray matter density of the brain, which can enhance the immune system, relieve stress, regulate difficult emotions and reduce sensitivity to pain.

Prayerthis may elicit the relaxation response, together with the feelings of compassion, gratitude and hope, which all have positive impact on overall wellbeing. It has also been found that clinically depressed individuals who believe that they prayers are heard respond much better to treatments than those who didn’t believe.

Journal Writingmany religious organizations encourage journal writing. Many don’t realize that this contemplative practice is helpful for individuals to feel more connected to their experience and the world around them, as well as become aware of their inner life.

There have been a lot of studies that show that valuable connection between the spirituality of a person and his/her physical health. Therefore, when addressing one’s physical condition, the spiritual aspect should not be overlooked.


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