How to Lose your Weight and Keep it off

Maintaining and keeping your weight is a tough challenge, and losing your weight is much tougher. Some diet works and some are not for everyone, it is because your body responds differently to other foods. While there’s not an easy thing to lose your weight, there are different steps that you can do to achieve a healthy relationship with foods and a weight loss success.

Weight Loss Strategies

Losing weight is not a direct event over time – when you instantly cut the intake of calories, you may easily drop weight in the first few weeks. But after that, and you are back to eating the same number of calorie intake, you will lose less weight. So, for you to be able to continue losing weight every week, you have to continue cutting calories.

A calorie is not always a calorie – example of it is when you eat a corn syrup with 100 calories, which can have a different effect to your body when you eat broccoli with 100 calories. So, as a strategy for your weight loss, ditch foods with calories that can’t make you feel full and take foods (like vegetables) that can full you without gaining more calories.

Some of you don’t always eat to satisfy hunger – there are instances when you eat to relieve stress and comfort you. By doing this, it can easily derail your plan for losing weight.

Make things that will turn fruits and vegetables a tasty part of your diet

Fruits and vegetables is very known foods that has a low calorie and nutrients defense substance. Meaning, they contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Eat the recommended amounts of five servings of fruits and vegetables that will fill you up and help you to cut eating unhealthy foods. By increasing your intake, you need to consider the following:

  • You can add berries that are rich in antioxidants to your most favorite cereal breakfast.
  • Eat medley amount of sweet fruits like mangos, grapes, pineapple and oranges for dessert.
  • Replace your usual pasta and rice dish into a colorful salad.
  • During snack period, eat vegetables such as snow peas, carrots and cherry tomato with a peanut butter or spicy hummus, instead of eating junk foods and processed foods.

Exercise for a weight loss plan

Eating healthy foods and dieting alone is not always an effective way to a healthy weight loss. So, you need to include physical activities and exercise that may reduce risks for developing illness and health problems. The amount and time of physical activities that you will do depends on your age. So, take the recommended amount of exercise for you to achieve a fit and healthy body. 

Dieting and weight lose plans are very important not just only to look better, but also for ensuring that your health is in the good hands. Through eating the right kind of foods and proper exercise, you may achieve your weight loss plan that includes a healthy and illness free body. So, start living a healthy life now.

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