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Welcome to Life Coach Fix It .com! We are a team of professional life coaches with various backgrounds, but with the same goal in mind: to help you live a better life. We aim to become your team of choice that you come to whenever you need help, support or advice, but also when you want to simply be a part of our community. Our life coaching services cover all aspects of your life, from your lifestyle to your physical and mental health, and they are all designed to help you reach your goals and do more every day. In addition to coaching services, we also offer training for all those who want to join us in our efforts to help others.

We want to offer more than coaching and to give you a place to relax and enjoy as well. Our Coach Club is a place where our clients can listen to the radio, play games, watch videos and live shows, watch live stock market, read news, do various tests, and even find weather forecasts and astrology services. 

We’ll be publishing blogs and news articles in order to keep our visitors up to date with the latest news on all subjects, and those who want to shop for our products and compare prices will be able to do that in our online shop.

Early Stages

Like most people, we have started out small and were focused on improving only one aspect of people’s lives, whether it be as trainers, ministers, psychologists, business executives, clinical social workers, doctors, nurses or lawyers. However, once we realized we had much more to offer, getting together and starting the coaching program was the next logical step. We shifted our focus onto the overall wellbeing of every individual and created what you see today.

Career Start

Because our team consists of coaches with different skillsets and expertise, we are able to offer help in all areas of life. By combining the knowledge from different disciplines and professions, such as medicine, yoga and fitness, business and psychology, we were able to create programs that are tailored to people’s needs and that can help them improve their lives and be satisfied with who they are.

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